Appomattox Courthouse…Where it all ended…

One of my goals with business travel is to be able to slow down enough to smell the roses and to check out areas of interest along the way.  I’ve found out over the years that I will drive by places as I’m always in a hurry and never have time to stop.  I’ve always been interested in Civil War history and I’ve wanted to see where General’s Lee and Grant ended the conflict at the Appomattox Court House.   Recently I was within 75 miles of the historic location so my business partner, Darren, was kind enough to drive me there so I could go through it and see the museum nearby. It was at this home in this small village of houses that a General Lee sent in one of his men to find a place that he could meet with General Grant and surrender. The Village was mostly empty since there was the battle raging nearby. Wilmer McLean was asked to lend his home for the signing of the terms of surrender. There were many tears of both sadness and joy.

“The [American Civil] War Began in My Front Yard and Ended in My Parlor.” – Wilmer McLean.
One of my favorites stories from the Civil War is this house was owned by the McLean Family.  What makes that so interesting is that the McLeans also owned the property where the first major battle of Bull Run where the Civil War began, The Battle of Bull Run.  Ironically, Wilmer McLean moved away from Manassas to get away from the war but on April 9, 1856 the war landed on his front steps once again.
Near the home was built a Museum of the Confederacy that housed artifacts that better told the hardships and stories of the war.

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