Aurora, Oregon’s Christian Commune


In passing through Salem, Oregon, heading to the airport… I saw this exit sign to a National Historic district called Aurora.  Since I had some extra time, I drove through the quaint community of antique shoppes to find the 1850′s site of the “Aurora Colony”. It was a communal society that was established by pioneers who came over the Oregon trail in 1855. The colony was often called a Germanic Christian Society. The Aurorans were Christian immigrants that came to America to find religious freedom. Most had been immigrated  from what is currently Germany. They  attempted to live the life implied or commanded by Jesus, to be humble, peaceful, and non-materialistic.  Those aspects of Jesus teaching might be called ” First Century Christianity.”They were not affiliated with any denomination but lived by obedience to the bible. The community lasted as unique from 1856-1883 until their pastor and leader died suddenly. Soon afterwords the assets were divided among the 650 members and the Utopia ended. The Museum was well worth the stop. Many of the original homes and building structures survive to this day.

While continuing to head north the next historic site I came to was Oregon City. This is the end of the Oregon trail. I think it is ironic..that a few months while working on a real estate  investment in Independence MO, I had the opportunity to see  the historic site where the Oregon trail started. Now,  I stood at the very end of that same trail in Oregon City, Oregon. I would not have envied those that took the  long and dangerous journey.

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